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-Register Your Tires

The purpose of registering your new Hankook tires is to give us the required information to contact you in the event of a recall. Although a recall is unlikely, it is important to make sure your tires are properly registered just in case. Government regulations encourage consumer registration of tires directly with the manufacturer. You, the consumer, should be aware that independent tire dealers and distributors are NOT required to register for you.

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-What is D.O.T. Certification

The DOT stands for the Department of Transportation, a government agency required to certify quality standards for vehicles. This DOT certification is branded on the sidewall of your tire, which certifies that it meets or surpasses the requirements of the DOT. The numbers/letters that follow the DOT mark represent the plant where the tire was manufactured, the size, pattern, brand, and the date of manufacture. Federal regulations encourage registration of each DOT number for every tire purchased.

-Where Do I Find My DOT Number?

DOT number
Hankook imprints the DOT number on the rim of your tire, as indicated in the diagram to the left. (This number is placed on one or both sides of the tire. Depending on which side of the tire is facing out, you may have to look on the inside area of the tire to locate the number.) Once you have located the DOT number, copy down the 10 to 12 characters that follow) These numbers/letters are needed to complete the DOT Registration Form on this Web site.

-What Does the DOT Number Mean?

Example: DynaPro AT P235/75R17

DOT: T7 - 9J - PCY - Y - 2503
The abbreviation DOT means the tire is certified to meet or exceed the principles of the Department of Transportation
safety standards.

Specifies where the tire was manufactured. T7 is one of four plants located in Korea and China.

Is the manufacturer’s code for the size of the tire. This code is unique from size to size and may differ between manufacturers.

Is a two-digit code used by the manufacturer to determine the pattern of the tire. CY indicates the tire is our DynaPro AT RF08.

Refers to the brand of the tire. H designates the brand name of the tire to be Hankook.

Is a date code stamp. The first two figures represent the week, and the last two represent the year of manufacture.

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